Check our most frequently asked questions to find out if semi-permanent eyelashes are right for you!

What are Eyelash Extensions made of?

Eyelash Extensions are synthetic micro-polyester fiber thread. They are crimp-resistant, bouncy, flexible, and weightless. Their natural taper and beautifully-curled lash tips are the perfect complements to natural human lashes. Choose from a variety of colors including black, brown, pink, red, green, blue, and purple.

Will the Eyelash Extensions damage my natural lashes?

No…Eyelash Extensions are applied with a premium-quality adhesive that dries soft on lashes, allowing Eyelash Extensions to stay flexible and bouncy just like natural eyelashes. When applied with the proper technique, Eyelash Extensions will not damage or cause your natural lashes to fall out.

Is the application painful?

Absolutely not! The Eyelash Extension procedure is comfortable and relaxing. Most clients fall asleep during the session.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Use a mild, oil-free cleanser to thoroughly remove your eye makeup before you arrive for your Eyelash Extension appointment. Contact lenses should be removed before your relaxing procedure.

How long do Eyelash Extensions last?

The long-lasting staying power of Eyelash Extensions is the result of innovation in the Eyelash Extensions technology. First, the specifically formulated lash adhesive will provide a long-lasting bond onto your natural lashes. The second is the state-of-the-art technique to ensure beautiful lash placement with precision and perfection.

Can I use mascara?

You will find that it is unnecessary to use mascara with your new Eyelash Extensions. Never use waterproof mascara or mascara remover directly on your Eyelash Extensions; it will wear down your extensions and cause premature fall off. If you must wear mascara, you can purchase extension-friendly mascara from us.

Are there different types of lashes?

There are many types of lashes to choose from! Please see the chart:eyelash-extension-curl-chart

Can I swim?

Yes – you can swim while wearing your new lashes.

What is Lash Maintenance?

Lash maintenance is recommended after a period of time to keep lash extensions fresh and looking new. We recommend a new lash maintenance appointment every 3-4 weeks after general wear and tear.


Lasheville is #1 on my list for beautiful, high-quality eyelash extensions! I’ve been a customer for 2 years now and I couldn’t be happier. The salon atmosphere is chique, inviting, and extremely comfortable. Cathi and her team offer a level of expertise that cannot be found anywhere else — along with affordable pricing.

Bridget Risdon – Atlanta, Ga

Thank you Cathi for your expert advice! Lashes out here in AZ don’t look as good as yours!

Evelyn – Arizona

My lashes look so good, Cathi! I mean they always look great, but today they look REALLY GOOD! U da bomb dot com…

Tina – Charlotte

Five star rating!

Dericka Harris – Asheville, NC

I’ve always had thin, light colored lashes and have spent hundreds of hours searching for mascara and eyeliner that made my eyes prettier. When Cathi finished my first set of lashes, I was thrilled. They look so natural and I can walk out of the house without an ounce of makeup! I have an active lifestyle and having eyelash extensions has been a lifesaver for looking good on the run. Cathi did exactly what I asked and makes them look perfect every time. She is funny, calm and efficient. I look forward to getting my fills and know that I’ll look great! I recommend her to everyone I meet.

Sara Levine, Asheville, North Carolina

Wearing mascara has always been a “MUST” for me. That is until I found eyelash extensions!! I have light, short lashes and smaller eyes and am one of those people that looks dramatically different with and without eye makeup. May sound silly but lash extensions have really changed my life! I save so much time not having to apply primer, and two coats of mascara, and look “presentable” without make up!! So great for “no make up outings” like the gym and even more dramatic when fully glammed up!! I’m hooked and can’t live without them.

Cathi does such an awesome job with extensions that since she moved from CA to NC it has been hard for me to find someone else. Not only did she become a friend, but her meticulous attention to detail and desire to get things “just right” make her a hard act to follow.

Alison Turner, Laguna Niguel, California

Love my lashes! The place was extremely clean and everyone was so friendly! I spent a wonderful two hours (even dosed off a few times) and ended with beautiful, amazing lashes!! Thank you!

Heidi Tarmin Cole – Asheville, NC

Loved the experience & results! Will be going back!

Heather Laird – Asheville, NC

Molly is amazing! Her attn to detail is exquisite. I’m so thankful for her perfectionism & looking FAB!

Anne – Asheville

Top notch service from a top notch lady! Cathi is the best and her lashes speak for themselves!!!

Lexi Tourtellotte DiYeso

I love my lashes! Cathy does such a great job and it’s amazing how well they hold up! I also found that having lash extensions is giving me extra protection from allergens in the air, such as pollen and dust! Another plus to having beautiful, full lashes!

Juliette Heim – Asheville, NC

5 Stars for Cathi & the girls!

Teresa K. – Asheville, NC

I wish I had discovered eyelash extensions years ago!! I LOVE them! Cathi creates an inviting and relaxing environment which draws me back to her over and over again! I love the convenience the lashes provide me because they enhance my eyes perfectly without needing to apply all the other makeup everyday…Lashes and lipstick and I’m good to go!

Misty Masiello

The BEST eyelashes I ever had! Very sad I’m too far away now!

Patricia August

It was amazing! So thankful she was able to get me in on a same day appointment for a lash removal.

She saved my eyes and lashes from a horrible hatchet job by another vendor.

Will definitely go back if I decide to try extensions.

Shannon Wood – Asheville, NC

The girls are amazing! My lashes look natural and gorgeous.

I was so relaxed I was able to fall asleep during my session.

Brooke M – Asheville, NC

Fantastic. I was so thrilled with my first set that I will definitely be maintaining my lashes! I was also impressed with the knowledge and professionalism that they exhibited!

Michelle Willis – Asheville, NC

I love Lasheville! I try to come every 3-4 weeks for a touch up. The girls are amazing and makes you feel great.

I come for Eyelash Extensions, but they also offer skincare needs. The procedure is relaxing that I flow asleep more than once.

It’s slightly addictive so I can’t imagine myself without them anymore. Glad Lasheville isn’t in Lasheville!

Suzanne A – Asheville, NC

Great Shop! Relaxing atmosphere and Cathi does a super job! She works with your schedule, she’s talented, and efficient. Her pug is a bonus!

Susan Jean Blexrud – Asheville, NC

I am a busy working woman, always on the go and traveling for work all the time. I LOVE my lashes, never have to mess with mascara, morning, noon or night they always look great and so do I!

Liz Dietz

I have had lash extensions in NYC, Miami, and Chicago….Lasheville is my best experience to date! Cathi delivered my request for “full, thick and curled….go all out”. I love them and can happily confess I’m addicted! What a treat and a deserved indulgence. What a joy to wake up and bat my lashes good morning, with no mascara. When time is short and precious, my lashes deliver quick easy glamour. Always.

Janean Winitz, North Carolina

Very pretty salon that is spotless and very relaxing.

The girls are extremely talented at making my lashes look luxuriously thick and full yet natural. Exactly what I wanted.

Elaine F – Asheville, NC

You are so missed here in California. You were amazing when I got my first set of eyelash extensions right before my daughter’s wedding 3 years ago. I was totally hooked after that and have continued with them through the two and a half years I was your client until you left. I still go to the salon where we first met up but it is not the same without you. I miss your skill, your professionalism, your up beat personality and your friendship. The gals in the South are so lucky to have you and I bet they have no idea, but they will. You have my ringing endorsement for anyone who seeks your services. You are the BEST EVER!!!

Gayle Johnson-Gottuso, Laguna Niguel

Five stars for Lasheville!

The location is ideal, welcoming and the experience is comfortable all around.

The girls are amazing. They’re prompt, detailed, skillful and do it all with kindness!

Sarah Snyder – Asheville, NC

Love my lashes! They don’t only look real, but they also feel real. Her environment in the salon is very relaxing and comfortable!

Diana Ashton – Lake Hughes, California

My lashes look fantastic, Cathi! Thank you boo. You are great at what you do!

Tina – Asheville

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my lashes, Cathi!

Brenda – Asheville

A very pretty salon that is spotless and very relaxing.

The girls are extremely talented at making my lashes look luxuriously thick and full yet natural, exactly what I wanted.

Elaine F. – Asheville, NC

Thanks for getting me in today, Cathi!

Amy – Atlanta

Hands down the Best! Quality application, products, and atmosphere!

Cathi has a magic touch creating the most relaxing experience while receiving amazing Lashes.

The girls removed lashes from a previous salon; relaxing most comfortable I have been on. Professional and the lashes came off with ease.

Karen R – Asheville, NC

Had a great experience! My lashes look natural and beautiful, they were able to squeeze me in quickly and the place is decorated beautifully. Will look forward to seeing you again soon!

Danielle Tompkins – Asheville, NC

From the first day Cathi put my lashes on, I told my husband I’d have to have these the rest of my life! What a wonderful thing to have beautiful lashes ALL the time! The compliments are never ending… People think these are my real lashes! That speaks volume for Cathi and her work. She does beautiful, meticulous work, getting the exact result I want. As for the whole experience of having Cathi do my lashes, it is my spa day! It is so relaxing! I wish it took longer! Cathi is so professional in her work, but also so much fun to be around! My lash day was always a highlight, and I left looking gorgeous!

Lisa Hardin, Laguna Niguel, California


Vanessa Sogan – Asheville, NC

Love my lashes. Relaxing environment and they are willing to work around your schedule. Thanks for my wonderful lashes!

Shelby Hodshon – Asheville, NC

Cathi is absolutely delightful! My lashes are everything I hoped they would be – and she’s so gentle that you can even nap while your extensions are being applied. A+++

Jenny Hassler – Asheville, NC