Alison Turner, Laguna Niguel, California

Wearing mascara has always been a “MUST” for me. That is until I found eyelash extensions!! I have light, short lashes and smaller eyes and am one of those people that looks dramatically different with and without eye makeup. May sound silly but lash extensions have really changed my life! I save so much time not having to apply primer, and two coats of mascara, and look “presentable” without make up!! So great for “no make up outings” like the gym and even more dramatic when fully glammed up!! I’m hooked and can’t live without them.

Cathi does such an awesome job with extensions that since she moved from CA to NC it has been hard for me to find someone else. Not only did she become a friend, but her meticulous attention to detail and desire to get things “just right” make her a hard act to follow.